Tight turnarounds

I was required to turn around some music today. It was four minutes worth to work as an underscore.

All of a sudden, an hour or two becomes precious and adrenaline kicks in and you find it within yourself to work to the wire to provide something.

It can be tense but it can also make you realise how focused you can be when the moment requires you to be so.

The other aspect of this was the challenge of finding ways to reach the required duration of the piece. I find the trick in effective choices with repetition, holding out notes and providing just enough contrast to make the music serves it’s purpose.

In many ways, I highly value the times where turnarounds are tight. It makes you realise what you are capable of when you are asked to provide in a limited amount of time. What would you be able to create and ship, if you had just 24 hours to do it?

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