The Super League

This is what happens when you live in a Tower of Babel society.

Make no mistake about this, the proposed super league that teams have signed up to (including the one I support) are a symptom of the rife and outright grotesque levels of inequality that have run amok across society for far too long.

The privileged, the 1%s, the billionaire owners are all on a self entitled hedonic treadmill where they are completely in it for themselves. They govern based on their own interests, greed and that is in spite of everyone else.

It’s so obvious, but nothing gets done about it, accountability is out of the window, the ignorant are satiated and those at the top can do whatever the hell they like and get away with it.

Football is a universal sport, the sport I grew up with, the sport I enjoy playing and creating a social life out of and at the heart of that are clubs that operate on a community and grass roots based level. Football brings communities together and when done right, Sport is about competition that is held with integrity and respect and dignity for one another.

Football is however a commodity and one to which business tycoons have jumped on the opportunity to rip off all fans and followers and laugh their way to the bank. Tickets are too expensive, TV broadcasting is too expensive, merchandise is too expensive, not to mention the exploitation that goes on in poorer countries in the production line! Furthermore, the game has seen huge takeovers from owners, who are overseas and throwing huge amounts of money at selected clubs.

It would be hard not to think of victories in the sporting world as being bought.

It’s why I consider Leicester’s victory in 2015-16 to be one of the best things to have happened in the Premier League, because the underdogs fought hard against all odds and won!

Sport needs to have a levelled out playing field and allow for the surprises, the comebacks, the tactical minefields that make the game so good!

Instead, we have poor financial fair play rules and now this super league, which everyone’s reaction quite rightly is one of outright anger and disgust.

Exclusivity, the lack of funds to see clubs at smaller levels being able to properly function, especially during a pandemic and finally, the betrayal towards fans that have supported clubs.

My grandfather used to attend Manchester United games and he has grown up to the see the team transform to a city, fan driven club into a global corporate power house.

The ‘Big Six’…what a concept when three of the teams aren’t currently in a Champions league qualifying spot. The super league offers nothing other than brand names.

It is an absolute joke and a day of shame for the people behind these decisions.

Fans, history, heritage, cultures and local communities have been trampled on as a result of this decision.

And those responsible need to seriously reflect and consider the fact that some things should come before money.

‘You’ll always walk alone’.

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