And the dominoes collapse

Well that didn’t take long did it?

The whole chaos and debacle with the European Super League was a bit of an outlier in recent times, insofar that it United everyone in the global football community, pundits, clubs, supporters against a small minority of powerful wealthy business people who gave too much say in a sport that they couldn’t care less about.

The people won. The sense of outrage and anger was palpable.

This can happen with football and I’m happy that it did, but it makes me wonder when it can happen with other significantly more serious and bigger issues.

As I said yesterday, this situation is a by-product of so much of what is fundamentally wrong with our world when it comes to inequality, oligarchies, unrepresentative democracies and media moguls.

The global climate is being wrecked, and the 1% are responsible for it.

Income inequality is rife, so much to the point that millions of families live in relative poverty in a developed country like the U.K.

Hundreds of millions of people across the globe still live in poverty.

The internet and more specifically social media is designed to propel hatred and division above contribution and possibility.

Racism and prejudice are still rife, both overtly and systemically.

Derek Chauvin was convicted and it has felt like for the first time in a long time, accountability took place.

Justice is a long way off.

We proved that everyday people can rally against tyrants for something we love but is essentially a wonderful irrelevance.

It’s time to do it for things that really matter.

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