Deflecting responsibility

There’s nothing quite as infuriating as watching an mp repeatedly refusing to answer a direct question.

They knew about the Indian Variant, they knew it was a risk and red listed Pakistan and Bangladesh but why not India, despite the higher infection rate let alone the variant being called after the country!?

Because of a political trip that had been organised. Either Boris Johnson was too invested in his self interest or didn’t want to offend Modi, or both, but as usual, here we are with the same situation where action is needed and the response is far too little, too late.

Quite rightly, some of the press and scientific community is pressing for an explanation, but I remain doubtful as to getting a response that has any substance, let alone acknowledgement of mistakes being made.

Instead, they’ll try and keep the focus on the vaccine success, despite the fact that this variant could have the potential to scupper things and cost lives.

I’m quite done with the guise that those in power are perceived to be doing a good job when they are clearly not. They refuse to learn from their mistakes and they refuse to admit to them and it’s all incredibly disingenuous and dishonourable.

The country has reopened significantly today. Let’s hope it can stay that way.

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