Learning something new every day.

Every day there is an opportunity to learn something new, to obtain new information that changes us, transforms us and allows us to improve ourselves for the better.

Learning should not stop when we finish school or an education.

Learning should be lifelong and all of us should strive to keep learning new things each and every day.

What if we were to set ourselves a target of learning just one new thing a day, what would it be?

Right now, I am working in the world of recording and mixing and I have a myriad of things I should develop my knowledge on, one of which is how to EQ different instruments.

Alongside, our ability to learn something is also our willingness to share the things we learn with others and teach them too, and in doing so, we create possibilities to make everything better.

Mini lessons, small strides forward.

The ocean is made of drops, and these small things can create a world of difference.

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