My Octopus Teacher

Some people do lead extraordinary lives. I’m fascinated by some documentaries and the subject matter to which drives a person to make them.

Netflix have certainly pushed a fair few documentaries out, many of which have induced outrage at the shortcomings of the modern world but My Octopus Teacher is different insofar as it is heartwarming, humble and curious.

So Craig Foster is burnt out from filming and editing, so goes back to his childhood home in South Africa and starts to go diving, and from there he starts to create a bond with an Octopus, one to which he earns the trust of a creature initially weary and from there, the story of her life carries us through the documentary.

And it’s well worth the watch, I became as engaged in it as a well put together thriller, you begin to not help but care for the creature.

And the overall story is personal as opposed to objective science, but in it is a profound message about our need to connect with the natural world, how it heals us, makes us more empathetic and enjoy the precious gift that being alive in this beautiful world is.

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