Taking a stance for humanity

The conflict that we are currently witnessing in Israel and Palestine is heartbreaking and tragic.

This is deeply complex, rooted in history and religious identity and I’ve done my level best to get my head around it.

One of the most informative things I listened to about the recent violence was Sarah Kendzior’s and Andrea Chalupa’s Gaslit Nation podcast. The main thing I learnt is that the US has a lot to answer for.

It’s rather astonishing to see leaders pander to war criminals just to save face with political allegiances, all in spite of moral principles.

You can’t seriously call for deescalation to the government you sold weapons to.

You can’t deflect and both sides the story when clearly one side is committing more atrocities than the other.

Netanyahu can claim he is avoiding civilian targets all he likes but why is it the case that such a large proportion of casualties involved children?

Human nature can stoop to horridly cruel and dark levels.

There are grey area to this I know, and the domino affect of this is worrying and this is the point that has to be stressed. Is it an impossible situation? Certainly feels like it.

I believe that many Israeli civilians want to co-exist with Palestinians where everyone can live their lives in peace and dignity.

And the atrocities of a few is no excuse for antisemitism.

So to take a stance is out yourself on the line, but ultimately, as divided as the media and internet wants us to be, we are all after the same thing and that’s for some peace.

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