Part of a whole.

Are you cog or are you a linchpin?

Are you compliant or a creator, a contributor, a spark?

Everywhere, humans create a web of systems that operate to achieve something, a coffee shop, a railway network or a film.

Each of these systems have personnel involved. There are the big names, the CEO, the director, the captain but then there is everyone else. Varied levels of skill sets, roles and responsibilities and without any of these people, the systems run the risk of a flaw, or a lesser quality of experience.

When systems run, things are as expected, it’s all okay but is potential wasted? How many people hate their job for example? How many do the bare minimum? How many of us watch the clock tick by? How many of us are weighed down by bureaucracy?

As we move from industrial to digital, there are opportunities for us to re-evaluate our relation with work to which passion can blossom, creative potential can be met and no matter how small a role someone plays in the way in which something operates, they can do work they are proud of.

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