Overcoming Hurdles.

Liverpool got into the Champions league.

They also got third place and after the season they’ve had, as a supporter I’m tremendously happy.

Injuries ran amok, most devastatingly at centre back, and the system of the team was completely disrupted and during March, it seemed to completely nullify out attack.

There were moments when I thought that European football wasn’t going to happen at all. The last five games saw Liverpool more like themselves, more stability, more creativity going forward and more last minute heroics (Allison’s extraordinary header).

Kudos to Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams, a young centre back pair that have earned a wealth of experience and have established themselves as premier league players.

At times, luck has run dry, one obstacle has come after another and things did not look good, but with resilience and the right attitude, the team fought back and it’s a job well done.

It’s good to have obstacles come in your way, they provide, new challenges, new experiences and lessons and I look forward to seeing how the team do next season.

Roll on the Euros.

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