National cycle routes

Since moving back to the United Kingdom and in particular Wales, there has been a huge improvement in terms of the cycle networks that are available to me from my home to the city of Cardiff and across the countryside.

The city itself has new designated cycle roads, for both directions and they are integrated with the main roads running through town. What is also interesting to see is the amount of Deliveroo cyclists as well as the public bikes and how often they are used.

These are great initiatives and it is genuinely wonderful to see cycling become so integrated into life here.

I have loved cycling for a long time, I am doing it regularly at the moment and did a long cycle to Barry over the barrage from Penarth to Cardiff and then home and the surroundings are absolutely stunning this time of year.

Cycling is great exercise, it is adventurous, it is liberating. It is also affordable. There are cheap bikes available from charity centres such as the one in Gabalfa, and maintaining them isn’t too much of an expense either. Cycling is also liberating and allows you to get out there and enjoy your surroundings in a way you could never possibly achieve in a car. It is also worth mentioning that it is sustainable, and the more people can be encouraged to do short trips on cycles as opposed to cars is one way to tackle the climate crisis.

I am glad to say that me and Jiff cycle regularly and have successfully encouraged our friends to do it as well. The national cycle routes mean that cycling is getting safer in regards to negotiating space with cars. Of course, there is the consideration of wearing a helmet and cycling at reasonable speeds but generally the beauty of Wales for those who live here is on our doorstep to be enjoyed on two wheels and a handlebar.

Those involved in the development of the cycle routes have my respect and gratitude.

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