The Ocean is made of drops

When I work on a big and ambitious project, I sometimes take to my notepad and not everything down that comes to mind in terms of what I need to do.

Take an album, there’s the songwriting, the instrumentation, the lyrics, the concepts, the track list, there’s the personnel, the artwork, the layout, the presentation and distribution and a myriad of other aspects to the work.

This is why they take a long time to ship and release, especially if you are working independently and on a tight budget.

And sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with it all, or anxious about the level of control or simply that you are barely getting anywhere whilst waiting for certain pieces of the process to come into place.

But with each day is a chance to make connections, make progress, put pen to paper and make objectives and a plan of action.

It’s all certainly achievable with smart planning that’s reasonable, measurable and focused.

Each day is a chance to make small drips of progress, working towards an endpoint that with persistent and resilience comes along at some point.

Good luck to everyone out there making their work.

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