This is outstanding TV.

I’m late to the party with this since it first aired in 2010 but the Danish political drama holds up to today’s issues, and is a wonderfully intelligently written series.

Characters are complex, interesting and flawed, many are very charismatic and likeable as well and you are drawn into their lives and there is a real balance between professional and personal.

Whatever issues that are grappled with, politicians are required to be shrewd and careful in their decision making, whether it’s who you hire for a job or what you say to the press, everything counts for something.

And when your job consumes you, when you are prime minister, what impact does that have on family life?

Democracy and personal lives can be messy as they are currently are now and Borgen captures this wonderfully. It’s an absorbing and captivating watch.

I’m glad I stumbled across the series and happy to spread the word and recommend it.

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