Sense of collective

I can’t take credit for this, a music teacher on Twitter wrote a great joke.

‘Why did the choir cross the road?’

‘So they could attend the sporting event so they would be allowed to sing’

It rings true for us musicians because it hits the nail on the head in regards to double standards that are happening at the moment.

Major sporting events are happening. 40,000 were in attendance for the England game today. That’s great news of course, if it’s the case that we are not going to be contending with Covid cases increasing.

But when you have local level events happening like school sports days not being able to happen, or choir rehearsals, either of which involve significantly less numbers, it leaves a bitter taste.

It’s hard to have a sense of collective or belief in the credibility of authority when rules are so disproportionate and unequal.

Whatever scale we work or operate at, either local, regional or national, we need to ensure we treat everyone and every circumstances with dignity, mutual respect and standards that are consistent.

We are better off as ‘we’ instead of having a bitter taste in our mouth when ‘them’ has one rule and ‘us’ has another.

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