My biggest guitar influences: Jeff Beck

I think of all the guitarists in the 60s Jeff Beck was the only one who kept on improving and innovating! Even to this day!

Refusing to play with a puck, his use of claw technique, using the volume pot, harmonics, whammy bar is all completely outstanding. He’s a complete outlier when compared to other players.

Besides that, Beck is also a genius at picking 2 or 3 notes that sing like magic!

Trying to learn to Jeff Beck has at times felt like learning another instrument. His playing is extraordinarily unique, lyrical and expressive.

My top Jeff Beck tracks.

Cause we’ve ended as lovers

Led boots

Star Cycle

Angel (Footsteps)

Where were you

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat


Scared for the children

Never Alone

I ain’t superstitious

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