My biggest guitar influences: Joe Satriani

I first heard Joe on a compilation album by Brian May.

As someone already struck by the magic of the electric guitar, I heard ‘Surfing with the Alien’ for the first time and thinking ‘How is that even possible!?’

The playing was so ridiculous on a virtuosity level that it completely threw me and then I went down the portal of wanting to discover more and figure out how Joe did high speed, high gain techniques and replicate it myself so I could also be the best guitar player in the world!

Satriani inspired me to spend hours and hours and hours practising. Figuring out legato, tapping, fast alternate picking and bending notes so they soar into space…followed by the DIVE BOMB!

What I came to equally love about Satriani was the sheer joy in his playing, it was upbeat and so melodically rich! Speaking of rich, his tone is just that as well. Gorgeous.

He’s a top dude as well. Always lovely in interviews, the teacher of Vai and Kirk Hammet as well and someone who loves going hell for leather on his instrument and makes sure those willing to go along for the ride have a good time too!

My top Joe Satriani tracks

Crushing Day

Surfing with the Alien

Flying in a Blue Dream

Time Machine

Cool #9

Raspberry Jam Delta V

Made of Tears

Starry Night


Dream Song

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