My biggest guitar influences: Steve Vai

Discovering the music of Satriani would eventually lead me onto the discovery of his student Steve Vai.

The first track I heard was ‘Liberty’ and once again I find my head being blown off by the sheer audacity of the playing. But I knew Vai had something different about him. A lot of which is probably to do with his time spent playing with Frank Zappa.

Humour plays a huge role in his tracks and live performances and seeing him in the Hammersmith in London was so much fun. The guy is a hell of a confident and audacious performer.

Vai takes the technicalities of the guitar to the extreme but he knows how to do harmony and melody really well as well. The guy can construct absolutely monstrous solos and make the guitar squeal. It’s his ballads that really stand out for me.

Vai is also open, articulate and has a wonderful outlook on his music and how to enjoy life. An inspiration through and through.

My top Steve Vai tracks:

The Riddle

For the love of God

Tender Surrender

Rescue me or Bury Me

The Blood and Tears

Windows to the Soul

Boston Rain Melody

Whispering a Prayer

Fire Garden Suite

Building the Church

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