One foot in the door

If you put through one foot in the door, how long is it before your full body follows?

This is a good question to ask oneself in relation to time and how you choose to spend it.

I was offered an exciting gig, and whilst my initial instincts would have led me to say yes because of money and opportunities, my further instincts and considerations drove me towards saying no, and I am glad I followed those feelings and stuck with my guns.

It’s easy to stay on a route once you are on it, if it offers certain things such as security. However, if this route is chosen at the expense of other desires, are you setting yourself a trap?

Not being able to have time for your own endeavours and initiatives can be frustrating, and it’s best to find ways to balance commitments so you can serve others needs as well as your own.

For myself as a musician, I have decided that as we move into the live scene, that I am not that interested in the cover gigs. I will happily do them now and again, but I cannot bring myself to do it every weekend for cash because in honesty, my true motivations lie in creating original works, and I would rather spend the time doing that.

Everything involves compromise, but I think it is good to not try to over-compromise yourself at the expense of your true desires and personal goals.

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