Return to swimming

I went lane swimming in a pool for the first time in ages yesterday.

It was so good to get back to it, of course after such a long time due to the pandemic.

I used to swim 200 lengths a week when I was doing my undergraduate degree. It does wonders for musicians in terms of encouraging the health of your muscles and playing and I recommend it to everyone in general.

I did 80 lengths, sharing the lane with someone else and we were both courteous to each others, he kindly let me pass a few times and in hindsight, maybe I should have booked a fast lane!

Being underwater, seeing through goggles, hearing nothing but the water, moving your arms and legs, getting the rhythm of your breathing secure and feeling your muscles work through the water. Besides that, there is the coolness of the water as you are immersed in it, the bright sounds created in a pool environment and the relaxation of washing the chlorine off and a hot drink. I have missed it all so much and look forward to getting back into more of a routine with it.

I use my space as an opportunity to encourage everyone to get into swimming if you can, because in so many ways, it works wonders!

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