Tokyo 2020

I love watching the Olympics.

It cannot be overstated how much of a positive impact that the Olympics has globally.

There’s the reputation of every country, and the chance for everyone to play a part, including refugees.

There is the enormous diversity of the games, and the Olympics continue to incorporate new sports into the games such as skateboarding and surfing.

There is the breaking down of conventions of what it means to be an athlete and the promotion of different sports that people can participate in.

And besides the awe inspiring physical prowess on display, there is also the extraordinary mental battles that go on and that are so visceral on our TV screens, and you feel the empathy of everything the athletes feel, between the injuries, failures, and victories and triumphs.

I’ve been lucky to have had a summer break to watch a lot of the games, and if you haven’t had the chance, I do encourage you to watch the highlights on Iplayer.

There’s plenty to be inspired by.

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