Transport and Infrastructure

It would have been hard to have avoided the huge headlines earlier this week regarding the stage we are at in regards to the climate crisis, and a crisis it is, that’s what we need to start calling it.

It’s hard not to feel helpless. I’m quite frankly sick of the short sighted and totally selfish views of the few companies in charge that are responsible for the majority of global emissions. That aligned with complacent politicians have made for a deadly combination.

So whilst we agitate at the top ranks for the necessary changes, we will be looking to ourselves to see what changes we can make, (at least those who read the news and care, not enough people do).

I for one, have not yet driven a car. I didn’t see the point when I was living in cities but since I’m back in Wales, I have little choice but to learn because the infrastructure of public transport in and around Cardiff is not really up to scratch. In fact, it’s very poor, especially as far as trains are concerned, which is a shame because my city has so much good to offer. Transport for Wales came in promising to make changes for better, and it hasn’t yet happened. Cancellations still happen, bus replacement services cause disruption, tickets are overpriced and the trains themselves are a stinking mess.

Making public transport that can be electric and efficient both in energy and delivery of service is a step forward on a localised scale and I’d like to see it happen. The good news is that there are plans for a metro service that are currently being working on. The problem is that it’ll take at least five years to fix.

In the meantime, there’s little to no incentive to use public transport as an alternative to driving.

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