Infrastructure continued.

I recently read that China had succeeded in building a ten storey building…in a SINGLE day!

Watch the clip of Jeremy Clarkson driving through China’s newly built road system and you’ll be amazed.

Meanwhile, the USA infrastructure is falling apart, and Biden has only just managed to put in legislature to try and tackle it, but there’s every chance a building or highway could collapse, like the tower in Florida.

Why does it always have to take a tragedy with multiple deaths for the western world to get their act together!?

In fact, scrap that, the U.K. has moved at a snail pace in response to the Grenfell disaster and most of those in power let alone responsible don’t care.

Like political discourse, everything seems to be on a far end of the spectrum without the apparent option of a middle ground.

I’m absolutely positive that countries don’t have to be authoritarian to get stuff done but processes to improve and develop western countries such as U.K. and USA are tediously and painfully slow, and it’s no overstatement to say that this complacency and lack of work ethic and efficiency has cost people their homes, and at times, their lives.

Time for the western world to find ways to make things speed up, or else see themselves fall behind.

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