Back on the bike

I’ve spent nearly two weeks dealing with a cold. Conventional viruses decided to come back with a vengeance since more mixing is going on, and I really suffered for it, as is a lot of people I know.

And what didn’t help was that I was rather heavily scheduled with teaching, sessions and meetings and I felt debilitated throughout the entire thing.

I then felt burnt out, because I was trying to push myself when I was feeling rough, and mentally, I was seeing everything through a much more negative lens.

So this weekend, I took a step back (not to be mistaken with admit defeat) and spent time with family, focusing on other things, namely enjoying myself and today I finally felt fit enough to get back on the bike, which always does me good.

I’m a sucker for falling into the trap of trying to continue working when mentally and physically I need rest and leisure.

And this post, serves as a reminder to myself take the time out when I need it, and for anyone else reading this that needs it too.

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