Questions over judgement.

I’ve never really come across a time when calling someone a moron had a benefit going forward.

And as easy as it is to fall into the default of doing that, especially when something as divisive as Brexit is concerned.

There is an issue of misinformation, false sense of truth and assumptions out in the world but that’s always been the case. It’s called gossip, and the advent of the internet has amplified gossip to an enormous extent.

So we live in a world where people convince themselves that what they conclude in their hard is self-ceiling, self fulfilling and an incontrovertible fact when the actuality is that they are probably not and there is more nuance in all things.

So what’s the solution?

Attempting to teach critical thinking is a start, and encouraging everyone of every age to consider nuance and detail in every heated topic and debate.

Secondly, our interactions, especially those online need to be less hostile, and we need to employ empathy and a curious investigation into why people think the way they think.

Thirdly, media outlets and social networks need to regain trust and not allow falsehoods to be spread and advertised so wildly. They fall short of the mark in the meantime and aside building better interactions from the ground up, the facilitators of our online social media need to own up and step up too.

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