Caroline Polachek at the Roundhouse

It was so good to be visiting London again to see a concert.

I had never been to the roundhouse before and it is a beautiful venue.

‘Pang’ by Caroline Polachek was released in 2019 and it is one of my favourite albums of the last few years. It is full of beautiful songs, that sound utterly gorgeous. It’s a masterpiece through and through. There’s an ethereal quality to each and every song, some of which relate to dreams, others of which capture the disorientation of a relationship gone awry or emotional pangs related to shock or grief. It is a deeply reflective and contemplative album and it’s albums like this that really resonate with me.

So I jumped on the opportunity to see Caroline live and the show had sold out in an hour.

Oklou opened to a very respectable crowd and ‘Galore’ is also a lovely album and one I’ve repeated since it’s release in 2020.

And by the time Caroline was on, the place was packed and you could barely move in the venue. Speaking of the audience…

The audience was very diverse. Loads of the LGBT community were there and Caroline Polachek, similarly to Charli XCX and Christine and the queens really strikes a chord with them. As a music lover, this scene is where some of the most exciting pop and electronic music is happening. So, I was impressed by the flamboyant fashion on display and the effort people had put in! There was also a few metal heads there as well! It was genuinely lovely to be part of a diverse and adoring crowd because as far as my love of Pang was concerned, I had been on my own with this for two years! Such is the world we live in, where weird and wonderful, and I also may I say more sophisticated music appeals to more niche audiences.

I don’t quite remember an audience this appreciative of an artist, it was great!

And Polachek can sing live. Her voice is amazing and the sound was amazing. It was great to see her backed by a drummer and guitarist as it’s often the case that pop artists just have backing tracks. She also had occasional guests on board including Sega Bogeda and Danny L Hare.

So the music itself was captivating enough but this was further enhanced by an absolutely gorgeous backdrop. A gate with an enthralling lighting design for the entire show.

So this concert was wonderful, and if you haven’t heard ‘Pang’, I thoroughly recommend that you do.

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