The little details in sound

It’s been a while since I have written something. I’ve been wrapped up in my masters and whilst I’ve fallen out of the routine I set upon myself to write consistently this year, I have however been doing some exploring.

And composing for that matter too.

One thing that has been on my mind is how much time I spend on a seconds worth of sound…I’m talking hours, days, months and even years piecing this altogether in a carefully crafted way. Why!? Because the journey to get things sounding the way I want them to sound is the reward in itself. It’s of course nice when people hear it too.

I’m drawn to the little details and music that’s sophisticated in it’s detail. A unique and experimental production approach or a extraordinary level of rhythmic or harmonic language or a fascinating palette of orchestration or textures.

And beyond that is even more, the use of effects, the use of mistakes and incidental sounds, or things brought out within the frequency spectrum.

I’ve spent the last twelve months really delving into sound in a way I’ve never done before previously, and I appreciate sound more than ever.

And when we spend time listening to music, it can happen all rather passively, but it’s worth remembering that in an overwhelming world with so much going on visually, it might be worthwhile to immerse yourself in a musical piece, shut off the lights and really listen for there is many things you’ll likely discover if you zone in on it.

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