I was fortunate enough to be called up for my booster jab on Saturday morning.

The following night, I had shivers, got to bed, kept as warm as I could and drank about 2 litres through the night.

I’ve also been wiped out for four days, barely left the house but for some short walks, accompanied by books, music, the Witcher and Jon Ronson’s things fell apart radio series.

I had two Pfizer shots in the summer and the booster was the moderna. I am surprised at how much I’ve felt it but that’s because my body is responding and building up immunity to the vaccine. Reports have come out that this combination of doses is really effective against Omicron.

It’s a blessing in disguise in some ways as resting is what I’ve probably needed to do following a busy few months. I’m nearly back at full strength and positive that I’ll feel refreshed.

It’s not pleasant but side affects from the vaccine shouldn’t discourage one from taking it.

There are a few rough weeks ahead as we enter winter and over 100,000 cases were reported in the U.K. today.

Wishing everyone health and peace of mind going forward and my sympathies to everyone who has had their festive plans disrupted.

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