Christmas is a strange holiday to me.

It is a wonderfully baffling cornucopia of festive traditions, all of which is initially inspired by the birth of Jesus Christ, celebrated by billions of people, both religious and secular.

Added to that is all the festive traditions that take place from fairly lights to Christmas trees to exchanging presents. Honestly, it’s all there in my head as fixed traditions but part of me wants to dig deeper and understand where it all exactly came from.

The colourful lighting of Christmas comes at an apt time of the year. Especially in the Northern Hemisphere where days are shorter. The festivity works as a wonderful tonic for the darker days and I love participating in the collective traditions that bring together family and friends in eating too much, drinking too much and participating in intense, high stakes board games.

Whilst Christmas amplifies a sense of togetherness and generosity, it also can amplify pain and loss and especially during Covid, I approach Christmas with an appreciativeness of family and comfort but also a dose of compassion.

I also reflect on the year that has past and whilst I perhaps hesitate to categorise the time too much, it is a good way to look back on what has been achieved and what one may set out to do next.

To everyone who has read and listened to my work this last year, I extend to you my gratitude and may Christmas be everything you need it to be this year, merry, happy, peaceful and/or anything else for that matter.

Season’s Greetings.

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