Delegitimisation of Greed

Greed became an acceptable thing in the 80s.

Financial greed has become one of the fundamental issues at the heart of so many global problems.

The financial crisis and the housing market, the technological revolution, the climate crisis…all of the complacency and unwillingness to follow through on promises that the world needs can be stemmed to short sighted greed.

The world’s richest CEO’s pursuit vanity projects in outer space whilst the Earth itself suffers from a cancer of the atmosphere, more commonly known as climate change.

As each year goes by, there is a tangible sense of anger and resentment, especially when young smart people are working their asses off to get an education, get ahead, keep their LinkedIn profile up to date only to end up in tens of thousands of debt and still even then struggle to attain a job with dignity that can cover the bills.

‘Parasite’ touched upon the issue with one of its opening lines of dialogue, 500 graduates in Korea applying for a single security job.

People do not need to be billionaires. To argue otherwise isn’t based on meritocracy but entitlement. I’ve no problem with people doing well for themselves and becoming rich but there’s a threshold when those who are already rich start pursuing even more wealth for no more than the hedonic treadmill of status or Forbes lists…that’s where the line has to be drawn.

Check out these stats on Oxfam.

It’s totally unacceptable and some people are waking up to this…but not enough!

It’s time to stop idolising egoistic billionaires and call them out for the greed ridden lunatics they are. And for those going down the legitimacy rabbit hole and gross oversimplification of calling this line of thought communism, it’s not! It’s the necessary cause of action required to make things fairer, eradicate poverty, improve lives across the globe and save the planet. Hyper-capitalism is literally killing the planet.

Tax the rich.

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