116 123

This is not an easy thing to write about but needless to say I feel I must.

116 123 is the Samaritans hotline and if you feel like you need to call it, do so.

Several people I know or know of have committed suicide.

Young, talented, brilliant and loved people and every one is tragedy and it is both shocking and hurts like hell to know that this feels like and eventually becomes the only option for some people.

Unless you’ve been there, it’s incomprehensible to imagine that level of suffering.

Whilst some government efforts have started to scale towards providing provisions for mental health, it still feels like there’s a long way to go.

To my understanding, there are 7 needs we have:

Self acceptance







And modern society tends to stamp all over these needs. Social media constantly amplifies you’re inadequacies as much as marketing does if not more. Your lack of approval or everyone’s life apparently being better and more successful than yours.

Housing crisis, the slow revolution of industrial to digital and the lack of dignified jobs or financial safety nets. Young people are churned out into the real world after education and expected to get ahead straight away. Not to mention economic inequalities as per my previous post.

Even if people have a support network around them, some of us are susceptible to that line of thinking.

And there is a culture where some people can’t bring themselves to talk about it out of the sheer level of fear or psychological viscous circle they fallen into.

And I don’t know the half of it. I’m lucky to be able to express myself and vulnerabilities rather well and exercise always lifts me. I can keep a blue patch of sky above me and encourage everyone to do the same.

And if one can’t and there’s no one immediately to talk to, don’t be ashamed to call that number.

Life is a beautiful gift, and if you don’t see it right now, there’s every chance you can feel that in future.

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