Or Brokeuary potentially.

My alternative names for the month that is January.

In the U.K. January can feel like a slog. The festivities of Christmas in the rear view mirror, but looming bills to pay it off and seemingly ages before pay days lay before us, or self assessment forms to fill in for the self employed.

On top of that is the weather. You go to work in the dark, you come home in the dark. It’s perpetually grey and rainy.

This all can grind against you and it lowers our mood for sure.

It’s important to keep a patch of blue sky above you and over the weekend, I hiked a mountain and then cycled the vale the following day and felt so much better for it.

The weather was dry so I jumped on the opportunity. It doesn’t cost anything but has all the potential to lift your spirits.

Whatever environment we find ourselves in and no matter how much it wants to weigh us down, I encourage everyone to find the persistence and resilience to get through the darker times and make the best of each day.

Peace of mind for everyone during a challenging month.

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