The Party

What happens when you vote a clown or reality TV star into power?

The absolute mess that we find ourselves within the western world.

Boris Johnson isn’t sorry about the party, he’s sorry that he’s been found out.

Anyone who spent a little bit of effort looking into who he was as a person would know that he shouldn’t have ever been within a hundred miles of becoming prime minister. He’s been fired twice for lying, made contemptuous remarks about other religions or races and considers himself well above any rules. This is not new news.

And this whole party gate situation is just another scandal that Johnson can add to his CV.

Free school meal U turn, atrocious handling of the pandemic and the 37 billion pound test and trace system that wasn’t fit for purpose but made friends in high places rich should have warranted public anger significantly more than it did.

And as usual, the rules are bent, the mps come in defence and don’t answer questions properly, and if there is to be any sense of accountability such as something alongside the lines of a resignation, I won’t be one bit excited about it or hopeful or faithful in the political system.

Because it’s rigged, it’s fundamentally broken, the cronyism and sleaziness remains and too many people have been gaslit.

Brexit continues to screw up the country in numerous way and onwards they go, ploughing along as if everything’s hunky dory courtesy of our sense of national pride.

What pride is exactly to be had in a clown of a prime minister who is a compulsive liar and a prince trying to use his royal status and money to protect himself from being prosecuted in a Sex scandal?

And if Johnson goes, he will likely be replaced by someone who may be not quite as shameless but still has a false sense of superiority and contempt for everyday people.

The political class needs an overhaul, of boring, sensible, considered, pragmatic and a hell of a lot more virtuous people.

For now, my adult life has been a continuing downward trajectory of disillusionment of those in power and I’ve no hope it will get any better until a hell of a lot more people really stop to consider what it is they want in a leader.

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