Smears and Dismissals

What kind of crazy messed up country do we live in where the House of Commons allows a plainly false and gross smear claim to pass whilst ousting Ian Blackford for saying the incontrovertible fact that Boris Johnson misled and lied to the government!?

This is why people have so little faith in government.

You tell the truth and become marginalised.

You lie and become protected.

It’s such an archaic law. Of course, you can’t call everyone a liar but when there is a precedent in as Trumpian a circumstance as this one, you’d think anyone would have every right to override that law.

Boris Johnsons had a party, got found out, said there was no party, then said he thought it was a work event…with wine. Following the Sue Gray report, how can you possibly claim you’d have to insist that any part of his claim are inadvertently misleading?

It’s intentionally misleading! As clear as day!

But then again we live in a post truth world where people think facts are fungible.

The House of Commons would rather uphold the illusion that they maintain integrity as opposed to operate with actual integrity.

And in his usual blustering, waffling defence against Starmer, Johnson decided to point out his failure to prosecute Saville in what could be the worst kind of whataboutism, far right conspiracy smear to have ever happened in parliament. How low is he willing to stoop?

Boris Johnson is a morally bankrupt pathological liar. This is blindingly obvious to anyone willing to pay a tiny amount of attention. He’s also a megalomaniac, impervious to the sense of public anger that is now aimed against him.

All he cares about is himself. And the Tories only care about themselves too. The cult mob mentality at PMQs is embarrassing, and finally, some ministers are breaking ranks. Not enough though, and the more that this has to be dragged out, the more of an insult it continues to be for the British Public.

I lived outside the U.K. long enough to know how much of a laughing stock we are. It’s gotten worse with each year.

America have gotten rid of their authoritarian monster for the time being.

It’s time to get rid of ours.

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