Become an audiophile

Most people listen to music in a way that is average in quality.

It will be most likely that you are listening to music in ear buds from your phone or worse, a laptop.

This undermines the work that producers and artists have done to make their record sound as good as it possibly can, spending hundreds of hours carefully writing, engineering and mixing their music.

Listening to music through well designed speakers or headphones and if you get the chance, atmos can open up an absolute world of sound quality you didn’t realise was there.

Companies are starting to work hard to make break throughs in quality sound systems that are affordable and it is an exciting time for that development taking place. The development of atmos is also a really exciting where you have a fully immersive sound set (2 speakers at the front, 2 at the back a sub and 2 to the side above).

If you get the chance to listen in a system that is high quality, take it, you will not regret it.